Creating "Great Art" comes from the Heart

It is considered, by some, necessary to have some emotional turmoil, dramatic event or need to 'say' something important to create "Great Art."  We believe you just have to show up and get out of your own way. The 'Great' work comes when we open ourselves up & allow the creative process in.  Technique and skill develops in the constant listening and allowing what wants to appear - that is the tough part.

I find when listening with an open Heart, what has to be made comes through my painting process.  Allowing Heart-time to be a kid again, joyfully, we can create & decorate things with intention and not force what has-to-be-done.  If we follow the lines, we lose an opportunity to develop those personal-intention listening muscles.  By letting ourselves be guided by the creative process, we often find out more about ourselves, trust that what comes out needed to be there & the more fulfilled our Hearts can become.  We believe "Great Art" is the expression & manifestation of authentic mark-making and a filled-up, feeling Heart.