Exposing others to your dreams is a somewhat vulnerable experience.  To see how people have reacted to Studio Shu, a thing that has been a figment of my imagination, internal dialogue and privately rehearsed scenarios, has been an incredibly humbling experience.

The process of opening a storefront & writing a website has allowed me to manifest this dream into reality - a real place to go and visit.  Studio Shu has, for so long, been something saved in many different file folders, and written in notebooks and excell charts and sketched out sticky notes.  I'm not a writer, but creating a mantra, formulating POVs on the kind of art-making Studio Shu will offer, developing course descriptions, and solidifying special offers with businesses around the studio has been a wonderful learning experience and has given me a renewed sense of awe for the talent of writers, designers & developers alike!

And here it is, the space is ready, the stage is set... we are awaiting artsy kids, creative adults, parents who want to express themselves with their kids outside of home and those who didn't-think-they-could-but-who-always-wanted-to-try to paint.

Most who have stopped in to ask what kind of place 'shu' is, or who were drawn to the huge paint splash on the storefront windows have brought a lot of excitement - we're ready to create, come on over, no experience or materials necessary!  Just sign-up and get started!

We are open on weekends for painting, drawing and mixed-media classes, our weekly open studio & spring/summer camp time slots are coming soon!