Those who are just starting to explore the various ways of creative expression may not know what questions to ask, how to use certain materials, next steps to take, or how to play... most of us come into starting art-making wanting to 'get better at (fill-in-the-blank).  The role of 'teacher' might be best suited to provide that guidance.  It is incumbant upon those who have gone before us to provide assistance, not necessarily pave the ROAD for us, but (perhaps) point us in the right direction... a place to veer towards.  

There are many different 'teaching' methods in the arts.  One might be to focus in on the mechanics; that of mixing color, expression of form, image composition.  Some may focus on accurate historical reference of the arts, discuss with artsy language the technique to be used to get the 'perfect' mark or perhaps provide a way to talk about art as something to be sought after.  One can NOT teach what we believe is the most important part of creative expression.  Creativity is strongest in the not knowing -- it is from that place our most true direction comes!  Those 'teachers' who allow us to strengthen our own creative output without bias or preconception, we believe, is the highest compliment.

Studio Shu holds true that of a beginner's mind.  Our teachers provide guidance in the form of questions to consider when creating, only when it is needed, to allow for your most authentic creative expression possible.  We provide a place to Be a Beginner, we are devoid of judgement and we support each of our own creative need to make stuff real!