I was a little ballerina a VERY long time ago.  I remember I always loved watching the older kid's dance before class, their long legs and straight arms, gracious hands and delicate walk.  I believed the command they had on their bodies, working their steps over and over again, connecting their movements, seemlessly, by memory.

I was always wanting for the 'perfect' line, to stretch my body to the just-right position, to express myself, physically, the way I thought i could, maybe, inside. Although my dancing days ended before I hit double-digits(!), there's something in me, still, that is in awe whenever i see dancers move. I am enthralled at their athleticism, strength and physical connection. But perhaps what I see in them is something my True Self recognizes by their authetic movements and connection to their talent and craft. 

I came across a small, young dance troupe in the mid-90s who were in the beginning stages of something very special.  Most of the dancers had been 'classically trained,' had been dancing and/or involved with dance most of their youthful lives. The choreographer who started this group had a need, desire, calling, passion and determination to develop a group of dancers who would move from an authentic place and use Dance to change perception.  From the tip of a finger to the movement of a big toe, each move was one of purpose and full extension. This group of dancers developed and surrounded themselves with others, dancers and fans, who were willing and open to be exposed to a natural, authentic experience.  We were all changed by watching their process unfold. To dance stories out of a deep emotional connection to purpose and music, brought the audience to themselves and we became connected. They are Eveoke Dance Company.

I am reminded of them, recently, through my work with one little ballerina in particular and a young, determined choreographer, both whom have a need, a desire, a calling, a purpose for authentic expression of their True Self. Through our classes at Studio Shu, our little ballerina has allowed her natural, creative Self to be set free. She is open, determined, curious to experience whatever expression she may have. She has used drawing and painting to free herself into the 'just-right' position, reach for the most authentic mark and her willingness to be who she is and play has given the rest of us the opportunity to connect with that same place within ourselves.  Bravo!